Velmore Community Centre receives financial boost from our Community Fund!

7 months ago Tue 17th Oct 2023

representatives from Velmore community centre with members of the Bluestar management team

Local community association aimed at reducing social isolation receives financial boost from Bluestar

A local group that provides activities to reduce social isolation and improve well-being within the community, has received financial support from our Community Fund. 

Velmore Community Centre in Eastleigh is based in the heart of the Velmore Estate. It has a cafe, run by staff and volunteers, and is a hub for the area - providing community activities, exercise groups, as well as being a safe place to meet and make friends. 

“Volunteer time, grants and donations play a large part in helping us to achieve our goal of social inclusion for all,” said Sue Cornish, Velmore Community Centre manager. 

“We are very grateful to Bluestar’s Community Fund for choosing us as one of its good causes. We received £400, which will help us join the ‘Chatter & Natter’ scheme.

“The older members of our community are still reluctant to venture out, post-Covid, and we want to provide them with a safe space so they can begin socialising again. 

“As part of Chatter & Natter, our volunteers will host a table in the cafe, and anyone can come in, knowing there will always be someone to talk to. This will help reduce social isolation, and give residents more confidence when they socialise within the community.”  

Richard Tyldsley, our general manager, added: “The Velmore Association is a hugely important resource for local people. Without it, many would experience very little interaction with others. 

“With one in 10 people going at least one day a week without speaking to anyone,  it’s so important to have a community group like this. I’m pleased our Community Fund has been put to such good use here.”

The Bluestar Community Fund is open to applicants all year round but the next funding allocation is due in January 2024. To apply, groups should fill out our survey providing details about their cause, what they need, and the difference the support might make to their organisation. Find out more about our Community Fund here.