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Bluestar Community Fund

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Every month, Bluestar is approached by many organisations in the community asking for help, or donations towards their local efforts. Currently, we deal with these requests in a very ad-hoc manner and the result differs dramatically depending on who gets the call, question or email.

Our Community Fund will be a dedicated resource for supporting local causes, charities and organisations, whether it is monetary support, marketing help, free travel or the use of a bus for an event required.

The Community Fund is open for application for everyone in our local community, whether it’s a charity, a sports team, a school or a one of the local events that makes our city a vibrant place to live.

Local people will be able to apply via our website and we will have two rounds of applications per year. There will be a judging panel to see which causes we can support and this will involve some of our local management team. This process will help us streamline the constant requests we get for help and support and ensure we give to the ones that fit closely with our brands.

This initiative will be rolled out across Go South Coast, so that we actually have 12 contributions to the local communicates we serve in each calendar year.

This is on top of our commitment to our official charity of the year.

How will it work?

Each brand (Bluestar, Damory, morebus, Salisbury Reds, Southern Vectis and Swindon's Bus Company) will be assigned two months a year where local charities, organizations and events can apply for community funding, donated by their local Go South Coast bus operator.

This application could be as small as a raffle prize or as large as a £500 donation.

It will be at the discretion of the assigned judging panel to select the worthiest causes and allocate the support/donation to the causes they feel would most benefit from our support.

Each brand has up to £500 to give away, twice per year.

Bluestar - January & July

Damory - February & August

Morebus - March & September

Salisbury Reds - April & October

Southern Vectis - May & November

Swindon’s Bus Company - June & December

What is the benefit?

The Community Fund enables each operator to engage and support the local community as needed, enabling each operator to build firm relationships within the community, while making support more accessible – providing a fairer system and inviting applications twice annually.

It will also provide a strong balance of good community engagement stories and press releases which will be shared on social media and our websites, reaffirming our connection with customers and the areas served. These engagements will help towards award entries and our sustainability report.



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