Travel with us for just £1 after 6pm

1 month ago Fri 25th Jun 2021


Illustration of a starry night and a busGreat news! Our £1 fare offer after 6pm will now be available in ALL routes and ALL fare zones - starting from Friday 2 July.

To help make the most of summer nights in and around Southampton, we have introduced a special bus fare for those wishing to spend evenings catching up with friends and family in the city. 

From Monday 28 June until Sunday 5 September, people can travel with us after 6pm - perhaps for a drink with friends in town, a meal out, a family trip to the cinema or a BBQ with family - for just £1 (available for adults and children).

You could even try somewhere new!  Why not try an evening out in Winchester on bluestar 1 

Our new 'tap on, tap off’ system incorporates the offer. If travelling after 6pm, a fare of just £1 will be automatically recognised for any single journey. 

For those using ‘tap on, tap off', there will also be a daily cap of £3 in the Southampton and City Zones no matter how many journeys you make - even if travelling before 6pm. Find out more about 'tap on, tap off.'

We want to play our part in reducing congestion and supporting the local economy. Buses have the potential to take many cars off the road - and we hope this initiative will encourage more people to use sustainable transport this summer. 

If more people choose to leave their cars at home, and travel with us instead, we could make a real impact in helping to improve the air quality in-and-around Southampton whilst providing a boost for the local hospitality industry.