New journeys to help hospital workers

1 year ago Mon 23rd Mar 2020

We are re-introducing some early morning services to accommodate NHS key workers during the ongoing coronavirus situation.


We have adjusted our temporary timetable, to accommodate key workers travelling to-and-from Southampton General Hospital.

As you know, on Monday 23rd March we reduced service levels across the city, in the light of the current coronavirus situation.

As a result of key worker feedback, we are now introducing a new journey on our Bluestar 17 route, at 6.20am from Weston to Adanac Park. This journey arrives at Southampton General Hospital at around 5-10 past 7am.

We understand the need for key workers to travel to-and-from work in order to provide vital public services, and with that in mind, we asked anyone who falls within this category who is experiencing difficulties in travelling, to contact us via the our website. We promised we would do all we could to assist. The feedback we have received has given us the opportunity to adjust our temporary timetable.

We are changing our services to help 7.30am shift workers at Southampton General Hospital. The new journey fills a gap in service and avoids the need for a lengthy wait. Based on early indications, we expect this change to be well-used.

As well as this, there is also an adjustment to Bluestar 9 that will mean the current 0710 from Fawley will now start at 0705 from Calshot Beach to enable a key worker connection.

Like everyone else in the UK, we are hugely grateful to all those working tirelessly in the NHS - particularly during this testing time. We would also like to thank our own team for doing everything possible to help these particular key workers get to the hospital and carry out their vital roles.

Here are the amended timetables for:

Bluestar 17

Bluestar 9