Withdrawal of 7 day ADULT paper tickets

5 months ago Mon 18th Sep 2023

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Withdrawal of ADULT 7-day paper tickets

We are working towards the withdrawal of ADULT 7-day paper tickets. We started a trial at our sister company Salisbury Reds earlier this month and people have successfully changed to our other ways to pay.

There are two main reasons for this. We want to be more sustainable by reducing the amount of paper and sticky wallets we use, and we have unfortunately experienced a high level of fraud - which cannot continue.

We will stop selling ADULT 7-day paper tickets from Wednesday 1st November.  We recommend you convert to buying weekly tickets via our app or use tap on tap off where a weekly fare cap will be applied.

How does weekly capping work?

Weekly capping starts on a rolling 7-day basis and you must use the same bank card each time.  However, you do not have to travel on consecutive days for the cap to be applied.  As an example:

  • You travel (making two trips per day) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday – the fare cap would reach the weekly price on the Sunday even though you didn’t travel on Wednesday or Friday.

More details about tap on tap off and how to get receipts can be found here.

Here is more information on how to download our app - don't forget our app has so many other benefits, such as tracking your bus in live time, being the first to know about service updates, journey planning and so much more.

If you need any additional support, please contact our customer service team.