Wheelchairs and Scooters

Wheelchair users and some class 2 scooters are welcome on board our buses.

Scooters up to 1000mm length x 600mm wide and wheelchairs 700mm wide, both with a 'turning circle' no greater than 1200mm.

In order to establish if your class 2 scooter is compatible, you will need to fill out an application form.

For safety reasons and general customer comfort, wheelchairs and scooters must be reversed up to the 'ironing board' style cushion with the brakes applied.

A 'standing pole' or a 'pull down pole' will ensure the wheelchair is secured whilst the bus is moving. The 'pull down pole' will be deployed by your driver before departure.

The law dictates we must endeavour to ensure wheelchairs are rightly able to access the designated wheelchair space.

Our drivers will try their best to ensure wheelchair users can board first and we welcome the co-operation of other customers in making the space available.


Many bus stops in the city have raised kerbs to allow wheelchair users to board and alight easily. If there isn't, a manual ramp will be deployed by the driver - allowing you to board safely.