Vinod Ramachandran named among top bus drivers by Go South Coast

1 month ago Tue 17th May 2022

bus driver Vinod Ramachandran with operations director david lee kong

One of our bus drivers, Vinod Ramachandran, is celebrating this week, after being named among the top drivers at Go South Coast, the parent company of Bluestar.

Vinod, from Chandlers Ford, competed against colleagues from sister operators across the south - including the cream of the crop from Salisbury Reds, morebus in Dorset, Swindon’s Bus Company, and Southern Vectis on the Isle of Wight.

Placing Vinod third, judges based their decision on a range of criteria - including drivers’ professionalism at work and stand out skills during manoeuvres at a special event in Salisbury. 

“We are very proud of our drivers across all Go South Coast operators, so the top three of this annual award have to be very special,” said Operations Director of Go South Coast, David Lee-Kong.

“I’m delighted for Vinod. To be placed higher than just two of our Go South Coast drivers is an amazing achievement.”

Driver Vinod has held his PCV licence for 14 years, and says he is delighted by his new accolade. “We are blessed with many great drivers across the company, and this was a really tough competition,” he said. 

“I’m thrilled to have been given this recognition. I’m definitely planning to go two better and work towards the number one spot next time.”

The top five Go South Coast drivers will be put forward to take part in the national Bus Driver of the Year final, due to take place in Blackpool in October this year.