Valentine Primary School get Bluestar Promise visit

1 year ago Wed 10th Jul 2019

Bluestar and the Valentine Primary School Travel Embassadors

Young travel ambassadors from from Valentine Primary School in Sholing were treated to a visit from Bluestar this week, as they joined forces to help spread the word about the Bluestar Promise.

By taking the bus instead of the car just once a week, residents of Southampton can make a real difference in air quality and congestion levels in the city, which was recently singled out by the World Health Organisation as being at it's limit of unsafe air quality.

Marketing Executives Nikita Troughton and George Miller met with the travel ambassadors to discuss ways to encourage the pupils at the school to get on board before presenting an assembly to the school about the initiative.

"With the school holidays just a few weeks away, parents are likely to be on the hunt for ways to keep the kids entertained, and jumping on the bus to the local swimming pool, play park or shopping centre is a great way to make the Bluestar Promise, help keep Southampton green and add more excitement to your child's day" said George.

"Children love riding the bus, and it means being able to spend quality time together while travelling instead of mum or dad having to concentrate on the road, and it helps you stay healthy too, as the walk to the bus stop can be a welcome contribution to your daily step count" said Nikita.

Vanessa Rattley, Office Manager and Head Teacher PA added "We really enjoyed our visit from Bluestar, it was great to hear about what they are doing about Southampton's air quality - and how we can help too. The children really enjoyed the assembly, and I am sure lots of them will be eager to get on board the bus this summer".