Tickets are getting easier with Tap On Tap Off

3 years ago Wed 24th Mar 2021

a promotional poster for tap on tap off with the £3 day fare offer

Tickets are getting easier and cheaper, with new improved contactless payments Tap On, Tap Off now available on all Bluestar buses.

We accept contactless on all our buses.

You can pay by:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Apple Pay
  • Android Pay

NEW - Tickets are about to get easier with

tap on, tap off.

  • EASY
    • Tap on, tap off automatically calculates your best available daily fare

Who is it for?

Tap on tap off is suitable for anyone making a single trip or multiple trips in any one day.  

How does it work?

Simply TAP ON using the driver’s ticket machine at the start of each journey and TAP OFF at the end of each journey on the tap off reader located by the exit door, using a contactless payment method (Visa/Mastercard payment card or device using Apple Pay or Android Pay).

There is no need to tell the driver where you are going, and you don’t need a paper ticket. This all helps to make boarding our buses easier and faster.

How do I know what I will be charged?

If you use tap on tap off, we are initially offering you the best available daily fare guarantee.  The price of any journeys you make will be calculated by the system and charged to your account at the end of each day. The system will automatically calculate your best available daily fare depending on what fare zone you have travelled in.

What if I only make one or two trips?

The system will record exactly where you have travelled from and to and your fare will be charged at the rate of a single journey.

How can I check what I have been charged?

You can check your journey and fare history through our Contactless Customer Portal. The portal will be branded littlepay.  You can either set up an account or proceed as a guest - you will need the details of the payment card you used on the bus to track your trips.

Do I have to register my card first?

To use Tap On, Tap Off there is no need to register or sign up - you can board the bus with your contactless card or device to tap on and off. However, if you want to see your trip history, you will need to log into the customer portal.

Can I use more than one bank card?

To get the best available daily fare you will need to use the same card that day. However, you can use other contactless cards, but your transactions will not be linked.

Who is Tap On and Tap Off suitable for?

Adults who buy single or dayrider tickets.  It may not be suitable for all returns, but during our offer period our new daily capped rates will be cheaper than many return journeys.

Who does it not work for?

It won't be suitable for:

  • Child fares
  • Group tickets
  • Customers purchasing a weekly ticket from the driver
  • Customers buying return tickets that are less than the daily capped zone price
  • Customers purchasing a transfer fare from one route to another
  • Customers who want a return that is a lower price than the daily capped fare
  • Customers who wish to buy promotional discounted tickets from the driver

These will continue to be available on the bus as paper tickets and you can still pay for these tickets using contactless payment devices or cash. You do not need to tap off when buying paper tickets.

What happens if I forget to tap off?

You will be charged the single fare to the end of the route, so always remember to tap off in order to pay the correct fare. If you do forget to tap off and are overcharged as a result, please contact customer services.

How will it appear on my bank statement?

You will see a charge to your bank account from Go South Coast, you may see more than one charge in one day, but the total added together will be no more than the cost of a dayrider.

What if the bus I am on breaks down and I am asked to transfer to another bus?

On the rare occasion this happens our driver will tell you what to do, but you should tap off of the bus you started your journey on, i.e the bus that broke down and do not tap on or off of the bus you are transferred to.  For any additional trips you make that day, please tap on and tap off as normal.

What if I get asked to use my PIN?

The new requirement to enter your PIN number after five contactless transactions does not apply on our buses.