Shirley Precinct Changes

1 year ago Fri 7th Jun 2019

Following the recent changes at Bargate Street, the outbound stops at Shirley Precinct (towards Millbrook/Lordshill) have also become a 'rolling stop' to help combat traffic issues in the area...

Previously, Bluestar 4 & 17 served the front stop ('Stop SG'), whilst Bluestar 18 served the second stop ('Stop SF').

But following research and feedback, these stops have now been merged into one long stop, and will operate much like Bluestar 1 & 2 at Hanover Buildings, and Bluestar 3, 16 & 18 at Bargate Street in the city centre where the first bus to arrive will pull to the front of the stop and subsequent arrivals will queue behind, rolling forward as space becomes available until their scheduled departure time.

Please check the destination on the front or side of the bus before boarding, or if you are in any doubt, just ask the driver.

Roadside information has been updated and notices informing customers of the changes have been displayed.