Rudy joins the Bluestar team for some time in the driving seat

9 months ago Thu 28th Sep 2023

Rudy and 'Gan Gan' in front of the bus wash image

Southampton youngster Rudy Hodge (4) recently came to visit us at the depot.

We welcomed Rudy as a new member of our team - and even offered him the chance to experience the mammoth bus wash - as well as some time in the driving seat - at its depot in Empress Road. 

"Rudy was diagnosed at four months old with leukaemia,” said Mum, May Lindsay. “He has made a good recovery from a bone marrow transplant but there is still a way to go. Anything he is interested in is what we all try to stimulate - and he loves cars and buses.

This experience has been a part of making his life as normal as possible.

His family knew that Bluestar have been a big supporter of a charity dear to their hearts - Abby’s Heroes, so they got in touch.

Abby’s Heroes was created in the name of Abby Randall, who was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, a rare type of bone cancer, in 2013 aged eight. After intensive treatment - including chemotherapy and pioneering surgery - she spent six months in remission. Sadly the cancer returned and, in 2016, Abby lost her battle.

The charity is now a crucial local resource - supporting children in-and-around Southampton who are undergoing a traumatic and frightening journey as they brave the rigours of treatment. 

“We’ve helped raise money for Abby’s Heroes, and we know Bluestar has too - so we thought we’d contact the bus company to see if Rudy could pay a visit,” added Dad, Will Hodge.

“Visiting the depot in Southampton really was an amazing experience for him - and he made some wonderful memories. I would like to thank the team there for their brilliant hospitality.”

It was an absolute pleasure welcoming Rudy to our depot here in Southampton. He showed real enthusiasm about everything he experienced. We're really glad Rudy had such a great time - and hope to see him again in the future.

For more information about Abby’s Heroes, please visit