Reduction in bus times from Monday 23 March

4 years ago Fri 20th Mar 2020

Bluestar new levels of service from Monday 23 March

Due to the ongoing coronavirus situation we will be adjusting our bus timetables from Monday 23 March.

Most routes, including bluestar 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 16 & 17, will operate a Sunday level of service with additional commuter trips in the am and pm peak. However, there will be some time differences to a normal Sunday so you should check the actual timetables first.

Bluestar 18 will operate a special 10-minute service.

Our other Bluestar routes (Bluestar 3, 5, 35, 36, 39, H1, H2, T3, T4, X7 & Quay Connect) will operate an ordinary school holiday Monday to Friday service. Bluestar 6 will operate a standard School day timetable on Monday, then change to a School Holiday timetable on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, Bluestar 19 will be withdrawn completely and its last day of operation is Saturday 21 March. Since its introduction in September 2019, the service has seen growth, but in this current climate of uncertainty we have made the difficult decision to withdraw the service so we can use our drivers elsewhere in our network, to keep the city of Southampton moving.

It has been a pleasure to welcome all the new customers to the service, and we are sorry that the service is ending.

There are alternative services in Kathleen Road that are provided by City Reds and much of the bluestar 19 route has commonality with other routes such as Bluestar 7, 17 and 18 which are still operating regularly.

The U1N will be withdrawn until further notice.

Barton Peveril services will continue to run week commencing 23rd March. However, the afternoon 5A won't operate, so Nursling customers will need to catch the 612 instead. Additionally, the morning 613 won't run via Shirley Precinct so customers will need to board at Park Street (a very short walk away).

Mountbatten School route 654 will not be operating from Monday. Most customers will still be able to catch the Bluestar 4.

During this period of change, we won’t be able to update our real time information ready and in time. Therefore, we have switched this off on our website and roadside. Unfortunately, the information in our app will be incorrect. However, we will be able to get this functionality working again on our website and roadside later in the week.

We are advised that we should limit cash payments and would like to encourage as many people as possible to use contactless or our app.  However, we will still take cash if that is your only way to pay.

We would like to thank all our customers for their patience during this time and commend our front-line colleagues who are all doing a fantastic job in difficult circumstances.

If as a result of these changes as a key worker you are experiencing difficulties in travelling to and from work please do contact us

Following contact from key workers at Southampton General Hospital we are pleased to be adding back in two journeys from Tuesday 24 March:

  • Bluestar 9 - 0710 from Fawley will now start from Calshot Beach at 0705
  • Bluestar 17 - an additional trip at 0620 from Weston to Adanac Park

From Wednesday 25th March Quayconnect will run to a reduced timeable 

Our new emergency timetables can be viewed on the links below:

Bluestar 1

Bluestar 2

Bluestar 3

Bluestar 4

Bluestar 7

Bluestar 8

Bluestar 9 from Tuesday 24th

Bluestar 11/12

Bluestar 16

Bluestar 17 from Tuesday 24th

Bluestar 18