£1 nights - JUST BUS IT

6 months ago Thu 2nd Nov 2023

cocktail night

Great news! Our evening fare offer is continuing until further notice*.  All evening fares are just £1 after 6pm. You can pay the driver with contactless and we encourage you to use tap on tap off, so there is no need for a paper ticket. This offer is valid on all routes in all zones.

Whether you start your journey in Winchester, Romsey, Eastleigh, Waterside or Southampton, all fares are just £1 after 6pm for both adults and children.

Where will you be going for just £1?

Movie night, Girls night, Band night, Late work nights, Date night, Cocktail nights, Theatre nights...

move night

date night

Wherever you are going, getting there and back by bus is a great option. Cheaper than parking and cheaper than a taxi! Why not plan your bus journey now?