Minor changes to Quayconnect and U6 services

2 months ago Wed 13th Dec 2023

Minor changes to Quayconnect from January

From 01 January, there will be some changes to our Quayconnect service.

Now that the south side of Central Station has reopened, we can use the bus stops along this stretch as we did before the closure. The Quayconnect will therefore go back to serving the south side of the station at stop SF and will no longer serve the north side. Click here to view the updated timetable.

The U6 will also reroute to serve the south side at the same stop as the Quayconnect. Click here to view the updated timetable. There will be no other changes.

Please note that although the U1 used to serve the south side before the closure, it will NOT revert back and will continue to follow its current route.

We recommend you download the Bluestar app where you can plan your journey, buy tickets and track our buses in live times. These changes will be reflected on the app.