Bluestar offer pupils at Great Oaks School travel lessons

4 months ago Fri 6th Mar 2020

One of the children driving the bus

We were delighted to take the children at Great Oaks School in Southampton on a special Bluestar bus trip.

We have teamed up with Southampton City Council’s Independent Travel Trainer, Paula Dougan, to help 30 pupils learn how to take the bus, as part of the My Journey initiative. 

Great Oaks is a secondary school for young people with a range of complex learning challenges - including autism and language difficulties. The visit gave pupils a chance to explore the bus, choose where to sit, meet the driver and practice using the stop button.

“Helping the children to become familiar with how it feels to be on a bus in a safe environment is both fun and educational, and can be the first step to travelling independently,” said Paula. 

“We aim towards promoting inclusion in the community, preparing pupils for their future - be it at college or in the workplace.”

During the visit, our driver, Rob George, met with the children and encouraged them to take turns sitting in the driving seat. 

“It was great showing them how to turn on the engine and issue tickets to each other,” said Rob. “Our buses serve this community, and we feel very much a part of it. It’s great to be involved in the education of local children here.

“I’d like to thank two of the older students, Richard and Brandon for their help coordinating the groups and making sure everything went to plan. We chose them because they were already interested in buses - and I was very impressed by their knowledge of how everything works.”

Going forward we are looking forward to working with Southampton City Council on future visits over the coming weeks and months - ensuring as many school pupils as possible learn how to travel across the city by bus.

Two children riding the bus