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Road Closure: Millbrook Roundabout - 1st Oct for 6 months

71 days ago Fri 5th Oct 2018

Please be aware that the Millbrook Road West on-slip towards Southampton City Centre will be closed from Tebourba Way from Sunday 11th November to mid-December.

Bluestar 6, 8, 9, 11, 12 and Salisbury Reds X7/X7R will continue over Millbrook Flyover heading to the City Centre during this time.

Due to vehicles parking the area surrounding the temporary stop on Redbridge Road - Parkside Avenue, there are concerns for the safety of customers boarding and alighting in the road. It has therefore been decided that this temporary stop will be closed for the entire duration of phase two of the project. Those requiring B*6, B*8, B*11 and B*12 should use Redbridge School or King Georges Avenue - Millbrook Road West as an alternative. Those requiring B*9 should use King Georges Avenue - Millbrook Road West as an alternative. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Customers for Barton Peveril College Service 625 will need to use the Redbridge School stop, or can walk up Wimpson Lane to Kendal Avenue and catch the 613.We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


The closure is part of a phased program and will cause delays to all City-bound services, potentially including Shirley High Street as HGVs are to be diverted away from the flyovers. Extra resources will in place for the duration of the works in case of reduced reliability.

Phase 1 inbound off-slip (Redbridge Road to Tebourba Way) will commence early October to mid-December. (COMPLETED)

Phase 2 inbound on-slip (Tebourba Way to Millbrook Road West) will commence from 20th November to 21st December. (IN PROGRESS)

Phase 3 outbound off-slip (Millbrook Road West to First Avenue) is scheduled for 7th January to March 2019

Phase 4 outbound on-slip (First Avenue to Redbridge Road) scheduled for March to Late April.

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