Get 60 minutes to work together to find hints, solve puzzles and complete the ultimate objectives as a team. Converse with hand-built bespoke hint personalities to gain hints and progress in the game and immerse yourself in the sounds, aromas, visuals, and tactile experiences to feel like you are in another world. Other World Escapes escape rooms are perfect for any age, ability or experience level and ideal for any type of social activity or celebration. 

Currently with two games to choose from:

Mayan: Uncover the mystery and secrets of an ancient Mayan temple, praise the Gods and find the elixir of life before the Syndicate find you. A full sensory adventure complete with surround sound audio, immersive visuals, multi-layer collaboration, chocolate aroma and full story for a level of immersion never felt before. What are you determined to sacrifice?

Vermilion: Teleport yourself back to an exquisite and sophisticated post-prohibition 1930’s cigar lounge. Crack the Vermilion code before the code cracks you. You thought the Syndicate wouldn’t follow you here? A mystery-based escape room with surprises galore, an aroma of cognac and leather, and one of the most loved hint personalities in any escape game. Vermilion can be played as a Vs game with two teams or as a single game.

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