2018 Stars

Our Stars throughout 2018...

January 2018

Mike Rogers

Mike Rogers - January's winner

Mike’s outstanding customer service led to four nominations in January. A grateful customer nominated Mike following a situation where he went above and beyond to assist a vulnerable young child who had got lost on his bus. The child, who suffers from a variety of conditions, became worried but Mike was able to calm him down and make contact with the boys mother. Mike then ensured that the child boarded the correct bus that would get him home safely.

Mike acted above his job role in ensuring the child's safety, which led him being crowned January's Star of the Month!



Adam Carver

Operations Manager Andy Shaw and winner Adam Carver

Adam was nominated by one of his colleagues for his outstanding customer service when an elderly, partially-sighted man got off his bus and wanted to cross a busy main road. Adam spotted the potential danger, so secured his vehicle and assisted the gentleman across the road.

Adam went above and beyond to ensure the safety of one of his customers, which is why he has been crowned February's Star of the Month!



Matyas Csefalvay

Ops Manager Andy Shaw and winner Matyas

Matyas went out of his way to assist his lost customers when they vacated his bus in Eastleigh and were left stranded. He went above and beyond to ensure his customers were able to complete their journey. He gave the information they needed and helped further by alerting the driver of their next bus.

Due to this, his customers were able to get to their destination safely, which is why he has been crowned March's Star of the Month!



Michael Bendell

Ops Manager Andy and winner Michael

There is no doubt amongst the team that Michael is a very passionate and hardworking colleague, he started his journey with us as an apprentice at age 16 and has grown within his career ever since. He is always eager to get stuck in when asked to help the company and last month was no exception. Michael was asked to represent Bluestar at The Big Bang careers event, where he would be encouraging young adults to pursue a career in the transport industry. Despite the volume of attendees, his enthusiasm and professionalism shone through.

Michaels interaction with the school children and students in promoting the travel industry proved very popular with them and also the event organisers, who emailed us to say that he is 'a credit to the company'. This is why Michael he has been crowned April's Star of the Month!



Rob Lovell

Ops Manager Chyrsie Papanicolaou and winner Rob

We received some wonderful feedback from a grateful grandchild regarding Rob’s fantastic customer service when assisting her grandmother. Rob carried the lady’s shopping to her seat and made her feel ‘comfortable and cared for’. When the customer reached her stop, Rob helped her from her seat, carried her bags and assisted her off of the bus.

His cheerful nature ‘made her day’ and she has let us know that she thinks Rob is ‘incredible and deserves a star!’ Congratulations Rob and keep up the good work!



Carmen Hine

winner Carmen Hine

Carmen was nominated by her colleague for her excellent team work and assistance. A fellow driver found himself in a tricky situation when he had an overheated vehicle while in service. Carmen was heading back to the depot when she spotted her colleague. She immediately offered her working vehicle to him, and volunteered to wait with the broken down bus, allowing the passengers to get on with their journey.

Carmen had already completed her own duties on a very hot day, and then offered to do extra work without any idea of how long she may have to wait. This is an excellent demonstration of the companies values being shown by our colleagues. Congratulations Carmen!



Ray Chipangura

Ops Manager Andy and winner Ray

Ray has been awarded July’s Star of the Month for helping a couple get home after missing the last bus.

The lady emailed in after she and her husband were left stranded with no taxis available and faced the long walk home, until Ray came along. He had finished his duty and was making his way back to the depot when he was flagged down by the couple. He then went out of his way and gave them a lift to their home.



Tyler Rutherford and Cliff Estell

Ops manager Andy and winner Tyler

Engineer Mananger Dave and winner Cliff

Tyler and Cliff were our joint August winners, chosen after going out of their way to rescue a bus and customers which got stuck by a fallen tree. Unable to turn around unaided and with a long wait time for officials to move the tree, Service Supervisor Tyler and Depot Engineer Cliff headed out in the van with a range of tools and cutting equipment to free the bus and avoid any more traffic getting stuck behind.



Darren Skeels

Ops Manager Andy and winner Darren

Darren was awarded September's Star of the Month for going well above and beyond to help customers stranded whilst waiting for a coach back to London. Owing to road closures, coaches were unable to serve the stop they were waiting at, and when Darren spotted them, he pulled over (having already finished work) and told them what was happening. He then offered to give them a lift to the next nearest pick-up point, so they could get home.

By the time they arrived, the coach they were booked onto had left, but Darren explained the situation to his Ticket Office Colleagues who were able to get them on the next coach leaving 10 minutes later.

Well Done, Darren!



Andy Baker & Igor Svecov

Assistant Operations Manager Chrysie and winner Andy Baker

Assistant Operations Manager Chrysie and winner Igor Svecov

Andy and Igor were named joint winners of October's Star of the Month after they helped a foreign man who spoke little-to-no English presented himself on Andy's bus in a distressed state.

Andy managed to find out some small details about the man, and took him to Igor, our Forward Allocator, who was able to translate and find out more.

It transpired that he has been in an accident and had spent several days in hospital, but had now lost his friends, had no money, nowhere to stay, or any way to find them.

Igor initially accompanied him to the police station, but when this proved fruitless, he took him into his home to get him back on his feet, resorting to social media to track down someone he knew.



Colin Carter

manager Chrysie and winner Colin

Colin was awarded November's Star of the Month following countless nominations throughout 2018 for fantastic customer service. It had been regularly noted that Colin goes above and beyond for his customers, and it was decided he should be rewarded for his continued hard work.


Charlie Singh

[Pic coming soon]

Bluestar Shunter/Cleaner Charlie has been awarded December’s Star of the Month after our garage roller shutter malfunctioned.. on Christmas Eve.

Charlie volunteered to stay in the building overnight to keep guard until an engineer could fix the problem.