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unlock the potential with the key 

Welcome to our key page, introducing our smartcard and a great way of buying and using tickets to travel on our buses. Its cheaper too, you can save over 20% on ticket prices when you have a key.    Click here to watch our key video

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Here is a summary of period pass prices, so you can see how much you can save!

Don't forget we have three different priced zones, Southampton, Southampton plus and Network

you can view our zone map here


**If you are under 19 and would like to order a key call us on 0845 894 2469**


Other tickets available on the key

Multi-trip tickets available in the Southampton Zone

This is a cheaper way of buying single journeys, and the more you buy the more you save. Each time you put your key on the reader one journey is deducted.







Southampton dayrider

This is a cheaper way of buying dayriders, and the more you travel, the more you save. Each time you put your key on the reader a dayrider is validated for the duration of the day, for unlimited travel within the yellow Southampton zone.

You don't even need to use all your dayriders on consecutive days, they are saved for whenever you want to use them.






Solent Go Travelcard


Solent Go Travelcard

If you want need to tra vel on more than one operator to get to work or visit friends don't forget there is the Solent Go smartcard.  You can use the ferry too!

This can be registered for here 


You can buy day tickets if you don't travel regulary or weekly passes if your a frequent traveller.


1 day pass           7 day pass          28 day pass

£8                        £30                      £100


The pass is valid for services in the South Hampshire area on any Bluestar, Unilink, more, First, Velevt Bus, Stagecoach, Brijan Tours, Emsworth and District bus

If you already have a Bluestar or Unilink key card, you can purhcase Solent Go tickets via our key portal and these can be added to your key.

Did you know Solent Go can also be used on the ferry too!

How the key works

Follow the steps below to get your key, buy your tickets and start using it!

  1. Register online for free
  2. Allow 2 working days for your key to arrive in the post*
  3. Log in and purchase your tickets
  4. Wait 48 hours for your product to be loaded
  5. Enjoy travelling with the key on Bluestar and enjoy added savings with key benefits!
*This should take no longer than 2 working days. If you key does not arrive, please email thekey@bluestarbus.co.uk.

Keep me - don't bin me!

Please look after your key and don’t throw it away. You can use the same key card time and time again by topping up online! Your first key is free, but you may be charged up to £5 for every additional card.

Been given a key? Bought one from the Bluestar Box? Register it here.

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Got a question? See if our key FAQ page can help.