period tickets

For regular customers, particularly commuters, 7, 30 and 90 day tickets offer great value for money.

You can buy tickets for the SouthamptonSouthampton Plus or Network zones. Weekly and 30 day tickets are available from your driver, whilst 90 day tickets can be purchased from the bluestar travel shop, or online via the key or mobile appPeriod tickets are only valid for consecutive days travel. 

If you only use the bus now and again multi-trip tickets are great, as these tickets don't have to be used consecutively.

the key

Our best value tickets are available on the key smartcard. You register for you key from our website and then you can top up with tickets for travel online or from the driver or travel shop, bundles of dayriders and period tickets are available.

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Promotional weekly tickets

These are special offers that are available for a limited period only. They can be withdrawn at any time. 

 Southampton zone                B* 18 only 7 day 

7 day ticket for bluestar 7*,

16,17,18 & common sections of bluestar 4

thekey     n/a  £10     
the app     £5  £10     
driver     £5 £10     

*bluestar 7 £10 tickets can only be bought on the mobile app or as a paper ticket from the driver

Southampton zone

Unlimited travel on any bluestar bus within the Southampton zone, bounded by the M27 and M271 but also including Southampton Airport.  

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 Southampton zone  7 days 30 days 90 days annual 
the key £14  £44 £117 £395
the app  £14  £44  £117  
driver £15  £44    


Southampton zone multi-trip

Only travelling now and again? Multi-trip tickets offer a cheaper way of buying single journeys, each time you travel one journey is deducted.

There is no time period in which you need to use the tickets by. Multi-trip tickets are available on the key in the Southampton zone only. 

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  12 trips 24 trips 36 trips
the key  £17.50  £33 £47 


Southampton Plus zone

Unlimited travel on any bluestar or unilink bus within the Southampton Plus zone which includes Totton, Hedge End, Eastleigh and Chandlers Ford. 

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 Southampton Plus zone tickets 7 days 30 days 90 days annual
the key  £17  £60  £143 £480
the app £17   £60   £143  
driver £18.50  £70    


Unlimited travel on any bluestar, unilink, Salisbury Reds, more & Damory bus right across the South Coast (except night buses). 

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 Network zone tickets 7 days 30 days 90 days annual
the key   £24   £92  £210 £720
the app  £24   £92  £210  
driver  £25       


child tickets

7 days' unlimited travel for under 16s on any bluestar & unilink bus in the zones listed below. 



Southampton Plus






The Solent Go travelcard allows for travel in the South Hampshire area on any of the following operators: bluestar, unilink, Salisbury Reds, First, Stagecoach, Emsworth and District Bus, and for Hover and ferry travel too!

Restrictions on bluestar, unilink - it is only valid on bluestar 6 between Southampton & Ashurst and cannot be used on night buses. 

If you already have a bluestar key card you can purchase Solent Go tickets via our key portal and these will be added to your key. 

  1 day  7 day  28 day 
 Solent Region tickets   £8  £30  £100
 Southampton City tickets (available on the key only)   £5  £20  £65

For more information you can visit the Solent Go website.


the key 

the key is our smartcard that allows you to buy travel in advance online.


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mobile app

buy tickets on the bluestar mobile app - buy, show and go!

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