Please note the Lepe Beach extension has finished for 2018. Check back in Spring to see what we'll be offering over the summer 2019 period...

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Bluestar will be getting you and your family to the beach by bus this summer!


We have extended our Bluestar 9 to serve the beautiful Lepe Beach every day from Sunday 22nd July to Saturday 1st September.

Two buses each hour will be provided on Mondays to Saturdays between approximately 10am and 5.30pm and hourly on Sundays between 11am and 5pm.


This will give Lepe Beach a much improved frequency of service and open it up to a wider range of populous locations - including Southampton, Hythe and the rest of the Waterside. 

We are hopeful this will represent a sustainable way of maintaining a seasonal service to the new facilities at Lepe Beach going forwards.

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 Check the Lepe Beach timetable here +



The Bluestar 9 will now replace the previous Beach Bus which operated from Hythe to Lymington via Lepe during the summer school holidays only. This is due to a cut in local authority funding. This new route extension now provides direct connections to Southampton City Centre.

*Please note, the timetable in the above PDF only shows the journeys that are extended past Langley to serve Lepe Beach. Additional journeys also continue to terminate/commence from Fawley/Langley. A link to the full timetable can be found below*



Lepe Country Park is a wonderful place to keep the whole family entertained for hours.

Why not Let off some steam in the adventure playground, fly kites on the cliff top, or even go for a swim?        
    Lepe offers the perfect location for a picnic, so you and your family can take advantage of the sun while gazing at the great scenery that Lepe beach has to offer over some tasty food.    
Maybe you're the Adventurous type? There is plenty to explore while at Lepe, not only is there miles of fun to be had, but you can also keep your eyes peeled for the nature that calls Lepe its home.        

View the full Bluestar 9 timetable here.


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