Unilink Timetable Changes - From Sunday 23rd September

Thursday, September 20 2018

Following a reliability review, we are excited to announce that the new University term timetable commences from Sunday 23rd September, and the following improvements have been made to the Unilink service for the 2018-2019 year.


Most journeys have minor reliability changes to times. An extra bus will run every day at 2355, plus an even later bus at 0030 on Fridays & Saturdays, from Southampton Airport to Central Station. The bus at 0521 from Town Quay on Monday to Friday will leave at 0517 and run additionally via Central Station. An extra U1E journey will run at 1645 from NOCS on Monday to Friday termtime.


Buses previously running as U2X will now be numbered U2 instead and additionally serve Avenue Campus on the way to Highfield. 


An extra bus will run from West Quay on the U6H in the mornings with new times at 0713, 0731, 0741, 0751 & 0816. New times of the U6C leaving General Hospital will be 0717, 0742, 0812, 0842 & 0905. Timings are amended to improve reliability on most journeys (especially in the afternoon) so make sure you check for how they have changed.


Revised times to improve reliability.

To view the new timetables, head to bluestarbus.co.uk/servicelisting


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