Changes to Barton Peveril College routes

Wednesday, September 19 2018

Travelling from Millbrook, Totton, Rushington or the Waterside to Barton Peveril College?

Following high demand for route 625, a couple of tweaks will be made to 613 & 616 to offer alternatives for 625 passengers.

Starting Thursday 20th September:

613 will be backstarted in the morning to start at Redbridge Hill and run via Windermere Avenue, Kendal Avenue and Cumbrian Way to the current first pickup at Oakley Road. This offers an alternative for 625 students boarding at Redbridge or Millbrook Roundabout

616 will be backstarted 1 stop earlier to start at Spicers Hill, this will offer an alternative for 625 students boarding at Rushington Roundabout.

This changes will only apply to the morning morning trips to Barton Peveril. There are no changes to the afternoon trips.

Updated timetables can be found here: 613 | 616


A new route - the 626 - started on Wednesday 12th September 2018! Designed for students starting lessons later or finishing earlier than the traditional college day.

The morning journey operates Tuesday to Friday during college term and serves Marchwood, Rushington & Redbridge Roundabout arriving Barton Peveril at 10:20.

The afternoon journey operates Monday to Friday during college term and picks up from Chestnut Avenue Bay 5 at 14:25. The bus then drops off at Totton RC Church, Rushington Roundabout, Cocklydown Lane & Marchwood.

Students from Waterside/Hythe using Bluestar 8 & 9 are recommended to connect with the 626 at Rushington Roundabout.

Students from Calmore/Testwood/West Totton using Bluestar 11 & 12 are recommended to connect with the 626 at Redbridge Roundabout (DAF Garage) in the morning and Totton opp RC Church in the afternoon.

Route 626 will operate free of charge for the first few weeks, After that only Barton Peveril, Concession and Disabled passes will be valid for travel – Any passengers without one of these passes should pay the £4 Single or £7 Return fare.


Bluestar 8
Bluestar 9
Bluestar 11
Bluestar 12

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