Changes to Bluestar 5!

Wednesday, August 22 2018

We're pleased to announce that from Monday 3rd September, there will be changes to the Bluestar 5 timetable, following a reliability review.

Please see below for a summary of changes and a link to the new timetable - please check it before you travel. Our roadside displays will be updated in time for the change.

The 07:05 from Eastleigh to Romsey will now leave earlier at 07:00.

- Extra running time has been added into the Eastleigh-Romsey section of the route, and as such, departure times from Romsey will be up to 5 minutes later.

- There will still be 2 buses an hour between Eastleigh & Boyatt Wood between 08:30 & 15:30, however these will now be every 20/40 minutes, rather than the current every 30 minutes.

- There are also changes to journeys specifically timed for Barton Peveril College, including an extra 14:15 journey from Eastleigh to Romsey on College Days.

Please click here for a downloadable PDF of the new timetable.

Please click here to view our Bluestar 5 information page.

Bluestar 5

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