We are transforming ‘next stop’ announcements for bus services across Southampton

Monday, July 02 2018


People living in-and-around Southampton are set to benefit from a new generation of ‘next stop’ announcements on local buses. 

We will be introducing the new system next week on buses running in the city, and we feel it will benefit those who are unfamiliar with the area - as well as visually and hearing-impaired passengers. 
“We understand the challenges faced by those with visual and hearing impairments whilst they are travelling on public transport across the region,” said Nikki Honer, Bluestar head of communications. 

“Our visual and audio next stop announcements should help make the experience a more enjoyable one. But, with newly-added point of interest information, finding your way to important landmarks and services should be a doddle too - making bus travel easier for those who have recently moved, are new to bus travel or are tourists here.”
Instead of the digitally-controlled voice on the firm’s previous system, all place names and points of interest have been recorded in a studio by a voice-over specialist - reducing any risk of mispronunciations. 
“We are committed to ensuring our buses are accessible to all our customers here - and next stop announcements will make it far easier for passengers to know exactly where they are on their journeys with us,” added Nikki. “And that should go a long way to making people feel more confident about taking the bus.”

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