International Day of Families offer

Monday, May 14 2018

To celebrate International Day of Families, we're bringing back our '5 for £5' group ticket offer for one day only - on Tuesday 15 May.

So why not hop on a Bluestar 18 to the City Centre after school to enjoy a treat at your favourite restaurant or ice cream parlour together.

Please note: This ticket is available to buy on any B*18 bus, but can be used on B*3 and B*16 between the City-Bitterne (Sainsburys), B*4 and B*17 between the City-Shirley (Precinct) and B*7 between the City-Millbrook (Borrowdale Road).

Bluestar 3
Bluestar 4
Bluestar 7
Bluestar 16
Bluestar 17
Bluestar 18

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