Bluestar's shooting stars

Friday, April 13 2018


Bluestar are proud to have three wonderful drivers partaking in the upcoming Southampton Marathon next weekend. Each of our colleagues are running for a variety of different reasons, however they all share one thing in common, and that is their love of exercise and challenging themselves. Meet our shooting stars…



John is one of our Bluestar drivers who never turns down a challenge, with his competitive nature and self-discipline, he is set to take on the full marathon next weekend. John has been a member of the Hedge End Running Club for 5 years, and this will be his 8th Marathon to date. His main inspiration for taking part is the route change this year, resulting in a new challenge for him and it gives him a chance to represent his running club, who will be there supporting him on the day. In preparation for the marathon, he has been training most weekends where he would achieve an impressive 20 miles. Even a family trip to New York did not get in the way of his training. John was recently crowned the winner at the Bluestar colleague bowling event so we are sure he will carry on his success.



Pete, who is already an active fundraiser for Bluestar's Charity of the year, Southampton Children’s Hospital Charity, is set to take part in his first ever 10k race next weekend. His past fundraising adventures for the charity included a skydive which resulted in raising over £1000. Pete has seen first-hand the incredible work that the hospital does, when he suffered a stroke back in 2014. Since his recovery, he has invested all of his spare time in doing what he can to raise money that will be essential for the hospital. The 10k should be a walk in the park for Pete who has been preparing by running twice a week and walking as much as he can. On the day, he will have his partner cheering him on as well as some of his customers who have informed him that they will be there keeping an eye out for him.


Katalin is well known at Bluestar for being one of our best drivers, she often goes out of her way to offer assistance and great customer service to her customers. Katalin signed herself up for the half marathon when she was made aware that her colleagues were taking part. Although she has not taken part in the Southampton marathon before, her passion for exercise and running is shown through her past history of competing in marathons in Budapest. In preparation she has been running 2/3 times a week as well as regular swimming. She is looking forward to crossing the finish line and being greeted by her family.

The Southampton Marathon will take place on Sunday the 22nd April 2018 between 08:00 and 16:00hrs, our bus network will be greatly affected by diversions and as such we will be operating special timetables on most routes during this day. To find out what services will be affected, head over to our Marathon diversions article here


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