Mother's Day Treat

Tuesday, March 07 2017

Being a mum is a 24/7 job; cleaner, cook, nurse and bad dream fixer all in one! So why not treat her this Mother’s Day to say THANK YOU for everything she does?

Because we want to see lots of Mum’s out enjoying themselves this Mothering Sunday we’ve tried to make it easier for you. We will be providing complimentary travel for mothers travelling on our buses on Sunday 26th March - as long as they are accompanied by a child buying a dayrider ticket (p.s. we don’t mind if it’s actually mum who pays).

“Mother’s Day is about spending time together as a family - and many children like to treat their mums to a well-deserved day out - perhaps into town, to the cinema, or for a meal,” said Bluestar Head of Communications, Nikki Honer.

“Bluestar wants to help them do this by providing transport for their special occasion. Our team is looking forward to seeing lots of mums out and about, being treated by their children on 26 March - and we hope they all have a brilliant day together.”

Looking for some inspiration? Here are some ideas to help get your Mother’s Day planning started:

Sun shining?

  • Hop on a Bluestar 6 and treat mum to a delicious Sunday lunch in one of Lyndhurst’s cosy pubs.
  • Catch a Bluestar 1 to Winchester for a day of sightseeing and shopping. Visit the only remains left of Winchester Castle; The Great Hall, where you will find King Arthurs Round Table (No carving your name’s into this one kids!)

Rainy day?

  • Why not jump on any one of our city centre routes into Southampton and enjoy your day out of the rain. Visit Southampton’s new Watermark complex where you will find more restaurants than you can count, and the funky Hollywood Bowling complex.

So, remember the date; Sunday 26th March, check our dayrider zones and get planning your Mother’s Day outing today.

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